Malpractice Lawyer In Philadelphia – How To Find The Best

best malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia PA

It is so surprising that many people who believe they have suffered injury as a result of medical malpractice fail to even try to pursue the case in court for all the wrong reasons.  Some of them feel they are just too small, that the courts will never take their word when faced with the testimonies of doctors.  A few will be reluctant to antagonize the medical service provider they have been coming to for years.  A great many of them don’t think they have the financial ability to see a formal malpractice complaint through.  As a result, even if many doctors dread the term ‘medical malpractice’ it remains one of the leading causes of death in the US according to data from the Journal of the American Medical Association.


For the people who can see the folly behind all these false apprehensions, filing or at least attempting to file a malpractice complaint is something of a responsibility.  These enlightened people will at least consult with a good malpractice lawyer In Philadelphia before making a decision on whether to pursue a case of medical malpractice or not. But how does one define a good malpractice lawyer, and what attributes should we look for in one?  Here’s a short list:


a)       There’s no sense hiring a lawyer the courts will not recognize.  Therefore a good lawyer will be properly educated and have the necessary credentials to practice law.  He will be a member of good standing in the local bar association and perhaps even be affiliated with such organizations as the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys

b)       Depending upon the depth of your pocket, you may want to consider an attorney who is willing to advance all the costs related to the upcoming lawsuit, instead of just working on contingency basis.  Such lawyers usually exercise more care in selecting the cases they agree to represent because they have more to lose if they fail to prove the medical professional’s guilt.

c)       You need a lawyer with a good track record in prosecuting cases similar to your own.  Not only that, you would be much better off choosing a local lawyer, one who has been successfully prosecuting medical malpractice in your community for some time.  That would ensure your lawyer is aware of local laws that may be unique to your location.  Just to be sure, you can check the internet for comments from earlier clients.  You can find lawyers with good track records in prosecuting malpractice cases through

d)       A good lawyer will ask only for a reasonable share of proceeds, which should be within what the law in your community allows.  A good lawyer will provide a clear sharing agreement with regard to the proceeds in writing, and be forthright about your chances of winning as well as the estimated amount of award.

e)       A good lawyer will always consult with the client before making any agreements with the defendant.  He will set it in writing that any agreement he does in behalf of his client will be discussed thoroughly between them.


Looking for a best malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia PA will ensure you get a good chance of obtaining just settlement.  When you’ve found the lawyer you are confident with, keep his details handy – you may just need his service sometime.